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norton.com/setup - In the advanced reality where we live today, PCs, cell phones, tablets and different devices have become necessities. Besides, the reliance on the Internet is expanding step by step alongside the threats related with it. Regardless of how cautious and mindful you are while using the PC and the Internet, you are undependable from the dangers of cybercrime and contaminations. Dangers of infections and malware are expanding step by step. Antivirus programming is a basic device at present. Antivirus programming filters the PC and different gadgets for diseases and dangers and matches them with their database of known infections. In the event that any match is found, antivirus programming isolates that document and expels it from the gadget. 

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Source:  How to Save HEIC Picture as JPEG On iPhone

Apple has inbuilt features of camera formats to take pictures and videos in HD quality (HEIC) picture and sequence pictures. However, you can use HEIC instead of JPEG files, and your videos will automatically get HEVC instead of H264.

These new features are advantageous to resize your smaller quality photos into High-quality for a little space. You can store more pictures and videos into your iPhone Device. These features were introduced in 2015 and maybe better from an earlier format like GIF. GIFs are more useful to present animated videos and photos nowadays in mobile phones for an update on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

HEIC and HEVC files are still not supported in all the devices universally and if you want to take HEIC photos by using your iPhone, they want to send to your friends or family who is using Windows computer.

Here are some methods to export your HEIC files and HEVC files into JPEG files and H264 files. If you continuously send pictures to your relatives and friends who are not using recently launched or current devices, then you can export your photos into JPEG format. It will give you the same quality of your picture in low space. Here is how to save Apple iPhone and Apple iPad pictures export in JPEG from HEIC file format.

1. Click on settings.

2. Hit on Camera.

3. Hit Formats.

4. Change camera format from the default setting to Most Compatible, which is a High efficient setting the can save you picture automatically in JPEG format and Video in H264 file format.

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